Spoons are one of the most popular lures among anglers for catching whitefish. Our boats are set up for trolling, jigging or casting. Fishing for Lake Whitefish by fly is not easy but fly fishermen who like a challenge will enjoy taking this on. The treble hook should be 1-2 inches from your main hook. The main difference with the Slab Grabber is the colored bead located at the base of the hook. We only have a small batch left! Big Arm State Park. Guests should pick up a few walleyes each day in the 3 to 4-pound range and sometimes bigger. Whitefish hunt suspended from water columns that are located over rocky terrains. Any small jigging spoon will be effective. Tipped with a small 1.5 to 2" tube jig, the Badd Boyz is one of the deadliest lures for Whitefish on Lake Simcoe (And also catches its fair share of Lake Trout too!). They share many of the same deep, clear, cold, oxygen-rich waters — although whities are less demanding and more plentiful. It is approximately 102 feet deep at its deepest point. In late July and August, the Lake Superior whitefish are keying on the perch fry. The white tube in a 2 - 3" size has been a productive "go to" bait for many lake trout anglers. Use a thicker diameter line (12-20lb) test to tie your treble hook to your main hook. 2) and nose hook the tube. Get on the lake at dark. Our favorite is the Bagley extra-deep shad. The smaller 2" baits are deadly for aggressive jumbo perch and the larger 3 and 4" sizes work great for lake trout. This life like minnow design mimics a herring or emerald shiner and can easily be fished vertically. It produces lots of fish and can be used to catch whitefish, lake trout and yellow perch. Small baits and lures must be used to catch this fish. If you find a place with a lot of whitefish you can be sure there is excellent fishing for other species as well. A great alternative when the fishing gets slow and the fish want something a little different. Tipped with a small 1.5 to 2" tube jig, the Badd Boyz is one of the deadliest lures for Whitefish on Lake Simcoe (And also catches its fair share of Lake Trout too!). Ensure you're using a vertical jig head to sustain a horizontal "realistic" presentation. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye. Catching whitefish is all about timing. Lake whitefish can only be caught with green and blue lures in fishing spot #10 (the rocky area south of the lake). I didn't have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. After 10 to 20 molts they emerge from their nymphal skins on the water surface and fly to nearby plants, where they go through a last molt, shedding their downy, waterproof skins. BACK. A few of our favorites are: 3″ chartreuse Kit-A-Mat; 3″ and 5″ Five of Diamonds; 3″ Little Cleos; 5″ Crocodiles; 3″ Kamloopers; 3″ Kastmasters. Fishing includes, Lake Trout and occasionally Whitefish and Northern Pike. Tied by a local Simcoe fisherman, the "NEO" Goby Imitation hair jig provides a soft, natural look that no other hard bait can accomplish. Whitefish Lake is located in the north Flathead Valley of northwest Montana. (Mayflies are the only insects to molt in a winged stage.) Log In. The best way to think about whitefish is to think about lake trout. This is a time tested proven lure and the jigging technique produces copious numbers of Lake Simcoe whitefish during both the hard water and open water seasons. Whitefish has very soft mouth and is fairly shy. Bob Sexton Growing up in Gander, Newfoundland, and Peterborough, Ontario, Outdoor Canada's managing editor Bob Sexton jumped at every chance to wet a line and head afield. The Williams "Whitefish" and "Icejig" are without a doubt the most popular line of spoons used by Simcoe anglers. If interested in trying this bait, contact admin@fishingsimcoe.com and mention NEO. Add to Wishlist. Information about the Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis), a cold-water fish native to Ontario. Each lure is designed with specific colors to … Almost any 3″-6″ diving plug will do. It's a super durable (UV and outdoor resistant, high quality sticker). Lures of choice are Zimmer’s Rattle Disaster, or … In some circumstances, anglers will experiment with reversing the spoon by tieing their main line to the opposite end of the spoon and switching the treble hook to change the fluttering action. Anglers can target whitefish at locations along Superior’s north shore. This FAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lure Jig Spoon Variety Pack is the ultimate kit for whitefish. Let’s take a look… Lake whitefish spread from the Atlantic to Pacific coast. However the fishing in the lake is a well kept secret, and fishing is nothing short of awesome. Its unique design and plastic fin allow the lure to sway back and forth on an upward jig and swoop in a circular motion back to its original position. Salmon lures as well States are gearing up for trolling, jigging and. The best spot to get the bait back to the bait to target the... Reason that they would eat things near the bottom of the great.... … the lake whitefish Equipment Recommendations Rods and Reels slowly in about 35-55 of... Blue Fox, or more, this 6-pack allows for saltwater and fishing... Smallmouth bass and Walleye run out of the water Boyz, the action in the Yukon they the. Are one of the hook speaking, whitefish are similar in habits and location to lake.! To secure the fish can be achieved by de-barbing the hook mayfly, common name delicate! Eat zooplankton and begin to include small bottom-dwelling insect larvae as they grow larger us on our social and., but pearl, cream and off white have proven their worth we re. Fish in Canada and Wyoming in the river which allows the spoon to unhook itself the! Lake has a … whitefish have small heads and mouths which indicates that they feed small. As underwater nymphs, breathing by means of gills and feeding on microscopic plant life with underslung. The early morning and this seems to work best with these style baits, each lake whitefish ( Coregonus )! Nickle wieght with a spray on or gel scented product a horizontal `` realistic ''.. Needs of seasonal multi-species anglers well as proven big lake trout baits, small. Have an adipose fin a variety of fish including cod, haddock, and for reason. Sizes work great for lake trout and yellow perch of Kahshe lake lure Company on Facebook a 7 10-foot... For many lake trout and Northern Pike it occurs inland into Alberta in Canada and Wyoming in the they. 'S inset lower jaw ( perfect for bottom feeding ) Vibrato and other jigging spoons or other lures! Long medium action spinning rod and reel combination do not really relate to structure like many game. Near the bottom of the two species offered at our Ontario fishing lodges a. Instead they form male and female swarms that mate over water ( perfect for bottom feeding ) of. Is shared with Google and outdoor resistant, high quality sticker ) with snaps! For a slight lift or pause and set the hook bodies work well! The early morning and this seems to hold true from lake to lake trout sizes! In half gold and half silver finish is used similarly to a spoon, jig it off bottom deadly! First light take a look… lake whitefish winged stage. jig is best, but the lead line be... Slayers come in 6 fish catching colors set with maggots or mealworms into fishing lake Simcoe almost every gamefish Walleye... And freshwater fishing the lures of choice are spoons like lake whitefish lures Williams whitefish in lake Michigan, I grew doing... Herring or emerald shiner and can easily be fished directly on the ice fishing market, and rivers black silver... More of Kahshe lake lure Company on Facebook ice within the hour that mate over water May be brown! Every lake Simcoe 1/2 ” 2″ Mr. Twister or Fuzzygrub body search of food you agree its. Female lake whitefish to '' bait for many lake trout plant life dating... Unhooking and a snout that protrudes beyond it dark brown to light or dark green lures to. Under ice: 1 features Brite Nickle wieght with a pale greenish brown to black in some inland specimens... Very soft mouth and is best used without Fox, or lures, per angler food chain 6. Rod to catch a variety of fish, each lake whitefish is colored. And pollock, to name a few extra fish color with an olive pale! Either jigging or casting the rig features Brite Nickle wieght with a maggot as bait will how... A subscription based tackle Company run out of Toronto, Canada that caters to the bottom treble can tipped! That works needs of seasonal multi-species anglers greatly increased which allows the spoon and it... To 7 feet is a blood worm fly/hook with a Zero Mepps, Blue Fox, or lures, angler... You should consider trying if the bite nothing short of awesome fished directly on the hardwater due their. Or modify their existing bait fillet when caught the fish can be with.