The Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 was an Italian passenger and military transport aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s. To date, all of the ATR series have been completed at the company's final assembly line in Toulouse, France; ATR benefits from sharing resources and technology with Airbus SE, which has continued to hold a 50% interest in the company. By … [3] During 2017, a new in-house financing and leasing division was established by ATR in order to offer customers a greater degree of support and expand the company's range of services. Likelihood of severe and 'long' Covid is dictated by the... Europe's first common currency: Early Bronze Age people used rings, bangles and even axe blades as an early... Hope for millions as paralyzed mice walk again after just TWO WEEKS of breakthrough gene therapy that... Spitting cobra venom originally evolved to help the deadly snakes DEFEND themselves rather than attack prey... Apple's first VR is expected to debut next year with a fabric design, cooling fan and a BIG price tag. The major difference between the military cargo aircraft and the civil airliner was the non-pressurized fuselage of the military C-74 and the pressurized DC-7. On 27 October 1989, Finnish airline Finnair became the first airline to operate the type in revenue service. Italian aircraft firm Tecnam transforms one of their 11-seater planes into a massive -122F freezer that can transport 115,000 Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine doses. Most operators of the ATR 72 equip their aircraft with a propeller brake (referred to as "Hotel Mode") that stops the propeller on the No. During the 1980s, French aerospace company Aérospatiale and Italian aviation conglomerate Aeritalia merged their work on a new generation of regional aircraft. [3][4], During 2000, the combined global ATR fleet reached its 10,000,000th flight, during which a distance around 4 billion km (2.5 billion statute miles) had been flown and around 450 million passengers had flown on board ATR-built aircraft. Take Porter, for example. Undertaken by a range of companies, such as Alenia subsidiary Aeronavali, Texas-based M7 Aerospace; French firms Indraéro Siren and Aeroconseil, Canadian Infinion Certification Engineering, and Spanish company Arrodisa, by October 2012, in excess of one-fifth of all first-generation ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft had already been converted to freighters. Two sub-types were marketed as the 100 series (-100). [35], Two sub-types were marketed as the 210 series (-210): the -211 (and with an enlarged cargo door, called the -212) is a -200 with PW127 engines producing 2,750 shp (2,050 kW) each for improved performance in hot and high-altitude conditions. The world’s most successful commercial jet airliners are the Boeing 737 family in number one spot and the Airbus A320 models very close behind. During July 2004, ATR and Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced a co-operation agreement on the AEROChain Portal for the purpose of delivering improved customer service. ", "Alenia Aermacchi P-72A MPA tests near completion. [2] On 3 October 2003, ATR became one of the first aircraft manufacturers to be certified under ISO 9001-2000 and EN/AS/JISQ 9100, the worldwide quality standard for the aeronautics industry. 'Today, it will facilitate the vaccine transportation; tomorrow it will continue to serve communities as the platform can be reconfigured within less than an hour.'. The prices vary exponentially if you plan on decking the interiors with gold or crystal. Along with cutting down time, Tecnam says its method also cuts costs - Records show the transportation costs can go as high as $13.50 per vaccine, while by plane it is only $0.005 per dose, per flight. Known in Italy as the Ustica massacre, the disaster led to numerous investigations, legal actions and accusations, and continues to be a source of controversy, including claims of conspiracy … Subcategories. Other improvements include higher maximum weights and superior performance, as well as greater automation of power management to ease pilot workload. During the mid-1980s, the ATR 72 was developed as a stretched variant of the ATR 42. ", "ATR scores big order at Paris, delivers Avianca ATR 72-600. [30], The Italian Air Force also selected the ATR 72-500 MP, designated as the P-72A, to serve as a multirole maritime patrol, electronic surveillance and C4 platform. [21], During February 2016, ATR signed a deal with flag carrier Iran Air for a batch of 20 ATR 72-600s, along with options for 20 more aircraft and post-purchase services, such as engine maintenance. Young children infected with the coronavirus have one SIXTEENTH of the viral load of over-80s - and rapid antigen tests 'are less sensitive for youngsters than adults', study claims, Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Aug 20, 2015 - Explore Robert Sr's board "Aircraft - Prop planes 3 engines", followed by 488 people on Pinterest. This was principally achieved by stretching the fuselage by 4.5 m (15 ft), along with an increase of the wingspan, the use of more powerful engines, and increased fuel capacity by about 10%. ", "ATR Creates Leasing, Asset Management & Freighter Unit. Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine needs to be kept at ultra-cold storage temperatures of up to -94 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it difficult for to transport to certain locations. [29] An anticipated P-72B variant for ASW and ASuW operations may later be pursued; accordingly, provisions were made to allow for the four P-72As on order to be adapted to the P-72B configuration. Italian aircraft firm Tecnam transforms one of their 11-seater planes into a massive -122F freezer that can transport 115,000 Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine doses Tecnam has unveiled a redesigned plane to help delivery COVID vaccines Called P2012 TravelCare, the plane features a massive freezer in the cargo area The freezer is capable of maintaining -122F and has room for 115,000 doses … One look at the Piaggio P180 and it is immediately apparent the airplane wasn’t designed by a team of engineers hoping to create just another mid-size, twin-engine aircraft. The aircraft can climb to 25,000 feet with supplemental pilot/passenger oxygen and has a relatively slow top speed of 200 knots. The aircraft share a high degree of commonality with the smaller ATR 42, which is also still in production. ", "First Ever Purpose-Built Regional Freighter Takes Flight", "FedEx takes first line-built ATR 72-600 Freighter", "Current Aircraft Register & Monthly Changes details", "Leonardo Delivers First Two P-72As to the Italian Air Force; the Future Guardian of the Mediterranean Is Ready", "Pakistan Navy receives second ATR-72 MPA", "Alenia Aermacchi delivers first ATR72-600 TMUA to Turkish Navy. The Caproni Campini N.1, also known as the C.C.2, was an experimental jet aircraft built in the 1930s by Italian aircraft manufacturer Caproni.The N.1 first flew in 1940 and was briefly regarded as the first successful jet-powered aircraft in history, before news emerged of the German Heinkel He 178's first flight a year earlier. As much of the US struggles with a slow roll out of the coronavirus vaccine, one Italian firm has found a way to avoid such delays – delivering doses by ', 'We decided to act fast. Boeing is building 737s at 52 a month and will lift that to 57 in 2019, while the A320 is being built […] Additionally, Castelbajac sees the potential re-engine as a "bridge" to the eventual development of a larger 100-seat aircraft. It was the last of a line of transport aeroplanes that Alessandro Marchetti began building in the early 1930s. [65], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "Pakistan Navy acquires second-hand ATR72.". Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam redesigned a passenger plane by removing the seats and replacing them with a massive freezer that maintains temperatures of -122 degrees Fahrenheit while in flight. Learn more. On 16 August 1984, the first model of the series, designated as the ATR 42-300, performed the type's maiden flight. The ATR 72 has also been used as a corporate transport, cargo aircraft, and maritime patrol aircraft. It employs carbonfibres for 30% of the wing by weight, for a 20% weight reduction.[14]. The -200 was the original production version, powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B engines rated at 2,400 shp (1,800 kW). Do I Have To Pay Italian Luxury Tax On My Private Jet Flight? "ATR 72-600 Wins EASA Nod for High-density Cabin. [10], As a consequence of strong demand for the -600 series, ATR decided to invest in the establishment of a second, more modern final assembly line and acquisition of more hangar space at its Toulouse site, along with a new large completion and delivery area; overall, the manufacturing operation expanded to four times the footprint that it had in 2005. There are a total of [ 239 ] Aircraft from 1930 to 1939 entries in the Military Factory. "ATR 72-600 startet zum Erstflug" (in German). The -600 list price of $26.8M is typically discounted by 25% for a $20.1M value, a 2012 aircraft is valued $13.3M and leased $115,000, falling to $10.2M and $100,000 in 2021, a D check costs $0.5M and the engine overhaul costs $0.3-1.0M.[34]. [13], The ATR 72 is a turboprop-powered regional airliner, capable of accommodating a maximum of 78 passengers. [20], In response to airlines often wanting to replace their early production ATR models with the latest generation ATR series, as well as to answer demand from cargo operators for the type, ATR has operated two separate dedicated freighter conversion programmes, known as the Bulk Freighter (tube version) and the ULD Freighter. An Italian passenger aircraft was intercepted by two Slovakian Mikoyan MiG-29 fighters on Sunday evening after it failed to respond to the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). [21] Both conversions involve complete stripping of furnishings along with the addition of floor strengthening, new window plugs and 9g restraining nets, six additional longitudinal tracks for added flexibility, and an E-Class cabin; the ULD model can accommodate standard ULD-packaged cargo, such as LD3 containers or 88 by 108 inches (2,200 mm × 2,700 mm) pallets, which were loaded via a large cargo door located on the port forward side. [7][8], Since 2008, ATR has been a participant in the European Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative. The number "72" in its name is derived from the aircraft's standard seating configuration in a passenger-carrying configuration, which could seat 72–78 … [3][12] However, in January 2018, ATR's parent company Leonardo announced that the 100-seat program has been formally brought to a close. Certified in January 1997 and fitted with either PW127F or PW127M engines, the -212A is an upgraded version of the -210 using six-bladed propellers on otherwise identical PW127F engines. ", "FedEx Express buys up to 50 new ATR 72-600F freighters Wednesday". Tecnam is using the P2012 because it is design with the ability of five different configurations and then easily put back to its original form. Skid into a disused tower, killing the captain, Engine failure on takeoff, crash after still-functional engine shut down, This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 05:58. Gianni Caproni became a famous aircraft designer and manufacturer during the First World War; his Caproni aviation company had major success, especially in the field of heavy multi-engine bombers, building aircraft such as the Caproni Ca.32, Ca.33, Ca.36 and Ca.40.The end of the conflict, however, caused a dramatic decrease in the demand for bombers in the Italian military. [4] Speaking at the Farnborough Airshow in July 2016, the CEO of ATR Patrick de Castelbajac stated that the company was currently examining the possibility of replacing the current Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 engine with either a new offer from P&WC, or a GE38 derivative from GE Aviation. The aircraft will supplement the GdF's existing force of four ATR-42s in the border surveillance, maritime patrol and search and rescue roles. Ditch due to fuel exhaustion caused by inappropriate indicators. The sub-types differ in the type of doors and emergency exits. For this purpose, a new jointly owned company was established, ATR, for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, and marketing their first airliner, which was later designated as the ATR 42. It is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100 turboprop engines, which drive an arrangement of four or six-bladed propellers supplied by Hamilton Standard. To be a worthwhile exercise, any re-engine exercise would require a 15 per cent improvement in fuel-burn and 20-25 per cent reduction of direct maintenance costs. P2012 TRAVELCARE was designed to facilitate equitable and efficient vaccine distribution. The Airbus A320 of Italy’s Ernest Airlines, flying from Milan to Ukraine's Kharkov, was … Play it now. [5] The 2007 production set a new record for the programme's sales; a total of 113 new ATR aircraft had been ordered during a single year. Earlier models of the ATR 72 are equipped with the older PW124B engine, rated at 2,400 shp, whilst later-built aircraft are powered by the newer PW127 engine, rated at a maximum of 2,750 shp to achieve improved "hot and high" takeoff performance. ", "ATR 72-600 TMPA: The new generation maritime patrol aircraft for the Turkish Navy. [5] By 2013, while the Asia Pacific region had comprised the majority of ATR's sales when geographically ranked; however, orders from Chinese airlines remained elusive; Bagnato ascribed this anomaly to local market conditions dictating the typical use of larger aircraft, as well as a Chinese government policy of imposing high tariffs on the import of foreign-built fixed-wing aircraft. The world's first civilian production tilt-rotor aircraft is being built in the United States by Italian aerospace giant Leonardo. Italian passenger plane intercepted mid-air by Soviet-era aircraft over Slovakia AN ITALIAN passenger plane has been intercepted by Soviet … [29], A single ATR 72 MP was ordered by Italy's paramilitary Guardia di Finanza (GdF) in July 2019, followed by an order for a further three ATR 72s in October 2019. Italian aircraft firm Tecnam transforms one of their 11-seater planes into a massive -122F freezer that can transport 115,000 Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine doses. It was a low-wing, trimotor monoplane of mixed metal and wood construction with a retractable tailwheel undercarriage. See more ideas about aircraft, ww2 aircraft, warbirds. [11] Although expressing satisfaction with the PW127 engine and its supplier, Castelbajac noted the design's age and the need to remain competitive with the latest regional jets. Two sub-types were marketed as the 200 series (-200). ", "Laos crash: 49 dead as plane goes down in Mekong River. [citation needed] While passengers are boarding or disembarking the aircraft, a tail stand is set into place as standard procedure to guard against the aircraft nose lifting off the ground. The vaccine doses are stored in container that is placed in the cargo area for distribution. aircraft meaning: 1. any vehicle, with or without an engine, that can fly, such as a plane or helicopter: 2. any…. The plane, called P2012 TravelCare, is capable of transporting 115,000 doses in one trip and keeps them at -85 degrees for up to 12 hours once the system powers down for distribution, Tecnam's Managing Director Giovanni Pascale Langer said: 'As the first vaccine breakthroughs were announced, we realized that the communities in remote areas would face delays in receiving help. A private jet flight from Geneva to Milan with 1 passenger amounts to a tax of 100 euros. ", "Europe's ATR says completes deal selling 20 planes to IranAir", "ATR, Iran Air Seal $536 Million Deal for 20 ATR 72-600s. * In June 1945, an order was placed for 26 DC-7 aircraft. Using this method, Tecnam says the cost to distribute each vaccination is lowered to just $0.005 per dose, per flight. [2] This new regional airliner, designated as the ATR 72, was directly developed from the earlier ATR 42 and continued to share many commonalities with it; the principal difference between the two airliners was an increase in the maximum seating capacity from 48 to 78 passengers. At the time, the company had a backlog of orders for 300 aircraft, sufficient for three years of production. The original Italian requirement for a Breguet Atlantic replacement had also called for ASW and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) capabilities, however, during 2014, the contract was renegotiated to a configuration that excluded these capabilities. The SM.75 was fast, robust, capable of long-range flight and could carry up … [15] According to ATR's CEO Filippo Bagnato, sales had continued to grow during the Great Recession despite the downturn experienced by most aviation companies as "fuel consumption that can be half that of the alternatives and [with] lower maintenance costs". ", "Raytheon to provide torpedo integration for Turkish Navy ATR-72-600ASW maritime patrol aircraft", "Leonardo Delivers ATR 72 Maritime Patrollers to Italy. Italian state aircraft, rescue aircraft and helicopters, historic aircraft, and the airline aircraft dedicated to scheduled and non-scheduled commercial flights do not pay the tax. Typical updates have included new avionics, such as a glass cockpit, and the adoption of newer engine versions to deliver enhanced performance, such as increased efficiency and reliability and reductions in operating costs. ATR believed that many of the already-flown routes did not suit larger 150-seat aircraft; however, of the roughly 2,600 commercial aircraft flying in China at that time, only 68 had a capacity of less than 90 seats and of these, fewer than 20 were powered by turboprop engines. The passenger compartment was to be outfitted with a lounge bar, dining area and sleeping cabins for night flights. The S-92 can safely accommodate 9 passengers in its extensive interior cabin. ", "ATR parent Leonardo rules out 100-seat turboprop", "Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Orders up to 40 ATR 72-600s. However, the remaining 7 ATR 72-600s from the 2016 order remain sanctioned and in storage. The federal government is trying to trace most of the 155 passengers in the aircraft that brought to Nigeria the Italian confirmed with coronavirus disease (COVID-19). [12] That same year, during which firm orders for 10 ATR 42-600s and 79 ATR 72-600s were recorded, leasing companies were responsible for 70 per cent of these; according to ATR's CEO Filippo Bagnato: "Years ago, we were not even considered by the lessors; now they see ATRs as a good investment". [25] US sanctions against Iran were reimposed in August 2018, by which time 13 of the order of 20 aircraft had been delivered. In the majority of configurations, passengers board the ATR 72 using the rear door, a relatively unusual configuration for a passenger aircraft, while the front door is typically used for the loading and unloading of cargo; early customer Finnair intentionally ordered its ATR 72s with a front passenger door so that it could utilize the jet bridges at Helsinki Airport, while operator Air New Zealand's standard rear door aircraft can use jet bridges at airports with this equipment. [3] Speaking in October 2015, ATR CEO Patrick de Castelbajac stated that the firm was set to produce in excess of 90 aircraft that year, and that the new manufacturing facilities could support a production rate of up to 120 per year. January 21, 2021 Invictus Yacht’s New Line of Day Boats Was Inspired by an Italian Coastline The new line will feature 11 yachts ranging from 19 to 28 feet. ", "ATR: record year in terms of sales, deliveries, turnover and backlog", "Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis: IHS Jane's — IHS", "Photos: ATR ATR-42-600 Aircraft Pictures", "ATR's “Green” Demonstrator Takes Flight. ", "IN FOCUS: Recession woes continue at small end of cargo conversion market. [19], During May 1997, ATR achieved their first breakthrough sale in China, placed by operator China Xinjiang Airlines and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). [2], The current production version is the ATR 72-600 series. The 737 has sold 14,956 and the A320 14,281. Photographers create first 10billion pixel panorama of Girl with a Pearl Earring... Fortnite developer Epic Games launches legal action against Apple and Google in the UK for 'breaking... Alcohol-based hand sanitisers used to halt the spread of Covid-19 are accidentally being sprayed into... Conservationists track elephant populations from SPACE using Earth-observation satellites and AI that can... Terrifying six-foot prehistoric WORM with powerful jaws that leapt out of tunnels on the seabed and snapped... International Space Station detects blue 'jets' of lightning shooting upwards from thunder clouds that could... Dinosaur fossil from 98 million-years-ago unearthed in Argentina may have been the largest animal to ever... Bedwetting is in your DNA: Scientists identify the genes that make children more prone to nighttime toilet... No sleep for busy beezzz: Pesticides used to protect crops from insects are keeping them awake at night -... Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. 2 (right) engine, allowing the turbine to continue running and provide both airflow and electrical power to the aircraft while on the ground. The 1930s saw a tremendous period of growth in aircraft technology - all-metal skin, enclosed cockpits, retractable undercarriages and increased armament capabilities. ", "ATR Studies All-Electric Architecture for Turboprops. [33], As of September 2018, 187 early variants had been produced with 172 operated by 55 carriers, 365 -500s were delivered with more than 350 in service at 75 operators, 444 -600s were produced and are operated by 74 carriers with a backlog of 231 orders. ", "ASN Aircraft accident ATR 72-212 EP-ATS Yasuj Airport (YES)", "Launch of a New Generation – ATR 72-600",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September 2016, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2017, Aircraft specs templates using more general parameter, Aircraft specs templates using more performance parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It is our contribution to the fight for a COVID-free world.'. "ATR delivers 1,000th ATR 72, best-selling regional aircraft in production today Tuesday", "ATR Continues To Drive Turboprop Revolution. [2] Since the ATR 72 is assembled on the same production line as the smaller ATR 42, along with sharing the majority of subsystems, components, and manufacturing techniques, the two types support each other to remain in production. The plane, called P2012 TravelCare, is capable of transporting 115,000 doses in one trip and keeps them at -85 degrees for up to 12 hours once the system powers down for distribution. [2] On 27 October 1988, the first prototype performed its maiden flight; one year later, on September 25, 1989, the ATR 72 received airworthiness certification from the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation. Hoyle, Craig. It can land and takeoff in high airports with short runways like the Andorra Airport. [5] In June 2001, EADS and Alenia Aeronautica, ATR's parent companies, decided to reinforce their partnership, regrouping all industrial activities related to regional airliners into the ATR consortium. ", "Iran Air Takes Delivery Of Its First Four ATR 72-600s. [50] Primary ATR 72 airline operators (with 15 aircraft or more) were: The ATR 72 has been involved in 46 aviation accidents and incidents including 29 hull losses,[64] Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam redesigned a passenger plane by removing the seats and replacing them with a massive freezer that maintains temperatures of … The ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop, short-haul regional airliner developed and produced in France and Italy by aircraft manufacturer ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de transport régional), a joint venture formed by French aerospace company Aérospatiale (now Airbus) and Italian aviation conglomerate Aeritalia (now Leonardo S.p.A.). Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire made the disclosure yesterday while briefing newsmen in Abuja. Airbus Aircraft configuration Luke Air aims to provide its passengers with a higher quality service than that of the now-defunct BPA; for example, on the Airbus A330-200, there are 12 lie-flat business class seats and about 250 economy class seats. In April 2019 the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a two-year licence to ATR to allow it to supply spare parts and other essentials to keep the fleet of 13 ATR 72-600s in operation. In addition, many remote areas only have small airports with even smaller runways made of dirt, which many commercial or cargo planes cannot safely land on. Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam redesigned the cargo area of a plane by removing the seats and replacing them with a massive freezer that maintains temperatures of -122 degrees Fahrenheit while in flight. Using this method, Tecnam says the cost to distribute each vaccination is lowered to just $0.005 per dose, per flight. During the mid-1980s, ATR sought to introduce a larger airliner with capacity. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. ", "Turkish navy receives first utility-roled ATR 72-600. Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine needs to be kept at ultra-cold storage temperatures of up to -94 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it difficult for to transport to certain locations, The vaccine doses are stored in container that is placed in the cargo area for distribution. During March 2016, a second round of flight trials dedicated the testing of all-electric systems architecture using the demonstrator was completed; analysis is set to continue. [22] Made possible by a negotiated relaxation of international sanctions against Iran, during June 2017, a €1 billion Iranian contract was finalised for the 20 airliners;[23][24] the delivery of the first four aircraft occurred within weeks of the deal being completed. As much of the US struggles with a slow roll out of the coronavirus vaccine, one Italian firm has found a way to avoid such delays – delivering doses by air. It was the most important Italian bomber of World War II, and established a reputation that … [29] During 2013, the two ATR 72-600 TMUA aircraft were delivered to the Turkish Navy. On 2 October 2007, ATR CEO Stéphane Mayer announced the launch of the -600 series aircraft; the ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600 featured various improvements to increase efficiency, dispatch reliability, lower fuel burn and operating costs. [12] Several major leasing companies operate their own ATR fleets, such as Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), who placed an order for 20 ATR 72s along with options for another 20 in February 2014,[16] and Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), who ordered a fleet of 30 ATR 72s during June 2013, along with options for up to 55 further airliners. [4], Considerable emphasis has been placed upon the continuous development of ATR's aircraft models. [2] During April 2009, ATR announced the launch of its 'Door-2-Door' service as a new option in its comprehensive customer services range. [6][needs update], Within the ATR company, various organisational changes were implemented. [11], During the mid-2010s, reports emerged that the development of a further stretched 90-seat ATR model was under consideration as well; allegedly, shareholder Airbus was relatively unenthusiastic on proceeding with such a development, while Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier favoured a focus on resolving manufacturing issues.